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November Calender 2018

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Updated on Oct 27th 2018


Social Club Note!

Spring is in the air!  I don’t know about you, but I’m lovin’ it although I don’t know where the time goes.   
I sure hope you enjoy the last month of this season’s activities.  Check out the calendar and enjoy the fun.   
Just a note for all those who are interested, MASA will be furnishing a free lunch on Monday, 3/5.  If you are interested, please sign up.  We are also having a special speaker at coffee hour on Friday, 3/16, regarding Proton Radiation Therapy.  Hope to see you there. 
For all of you who are leaving for the summer months, I wish  you safe travels and a relaxing and fun summer.  I’ll look forward to seeing you next fall.  I want to also thank all of you for your patience, thoughts, cards, and prayers this year.  They have meant more than you can imagine.  I especially want to thank Patti and all of you who helped and supported her this year.  She has done so much to help me during my trying times.  Much love to all of you and God bless each and everyone. 
Marilyn Pierson 

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